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Emily’s Place provides long-term transformational care to women and their children in a shared living environment for up to 24 months. Residents are required to abide by house rules to be respectful of the safety and privacy of the other residents. A commitment and active engagement by the women to participate in their development is essential to their progress. All women receive one-on- one counseling and case management sessions focusing on their individual needs. Together with their counselor and case manager they map out measurable goals based on 11 categories of development. 

Emily’s Place supports them in the successful completion of their goals in order to prepare them for independence and a successful transformation. Resources needed to attain the goals each woman maps out for her long-term success are met through internal programs as well as assistance from partners within the community. Partnerships with local, state and federal agencies and/or businesses allow Emily’s Place to strategically combine resources to best fit the needs of the women and children we serve.


Women entering the program are required to be free of addiction issues for a minimum of one year and must pass a drug test before intake. Those with prior addictions continue to work on maintaining sobriety through the support and fellowship of community programs.

Emotional Well-Being

Counseling helps to improving the emotional health of the women so they are able to handle life’s challenges, build strong relationships, and recover from setbacks.


Emily’s Place provides a safe environment for up to 24 months and assists with a smooth transition into a new home once leaving the community home. Our Level II Housing is one option that provides rental housing for one year while building credit for on-time payment of rent and utilities.


Legal services provide the means for survivors to secure protective orders, obtain spousal/child support or file for divorce. Legal aid can be the most effective form of intervention because it provides for material outcomes. 


Most women come to Emily’s Place without a job but, with assistance in finding gainful
employment, they usually land a position within the first 30 days of their stay and continue to work on the development of long-term career goals.


Education is a cornerstone of job preparation and success and deficiencies in this area are reviewed. This may include getting a GED, attending college or receiving vocational training in-line with short
and long-term goals.


Finance-related programs provide information and tools to teach the women the discipline of budgeting and managing expenses, the use of credit and building a good credit rating, and other topics to empower them in financial decision making.


Women receive referrals to doctors, dentists, and mental health experts to address their physical and mental health needs (stress, anxiety, depression). Focus is given to the immunization and well- child check-ups for their children. They also learn about nutrition, hygiene, and preventive health

Life Skills

Various programs are used to harness and hone in on the innate talents and skills needed to navigate through life successfully such as relationship building, cooking, parenting classes and programs offering motivation and esteem building.


Emily’s Place provides an environment where the women are able to search and fulfill their spiritual needs through self-awareness, religious guidance, and the principals of faith. It is a time to examine their attitude and perspective on life changes and to restore feelings of hope.


Mobility is a key to self-sufficiency in the community. Goals for the women are to address and resolve the challenges of security reliable transportation. This may include learning to use the bus/rail system in the Metroplex, obtaining a driver’s license, purchasing a car, and getting
insurance coverage.

Local Resources

If you are in immediate danger please call 911. Please click the button below for additional resources in the area. 


P. O. Box 860911 Plano, TX 75074


(972) 424-7775


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